Producer organisations and farmers in food supply chain

2020. February 21. 08:02

Producer organisations strengthen farmers’ position in the food supply chain A new study highlights the benefits that producer organisations (POs) and associations of producer organisations (APOs) offer farmers in the EU. Click here for the whole article

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Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference

2020. February 17. 16:02

 Are you interested in circular economy? The Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference is an opportunity for stakeholders to meet, nurture their networks, share ideas and learn about the new EU policy developments on circular economy. Do not miss it! It will be organized in  Brussels, 4 and 5 May 2020!

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Special Issue – Sustainability of Bioresources, By-Products and Bio-Waste Management in Rural Areas

2020. February 12. 16:02

The Special Issue “Sustainability of Bioresources, By-Products and Bio-Waste Management in Rural Areas”might be your interest. Check this link for more information!   

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NoAW at Igls Forum

2020. February 11. 09:02

Are you participating on the 14th International European Forum (Igls-Forum*) on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks? Do not miss the presentation about NoAW results! Adrienn Hegyi by CBHU will introduce  Stakeholders’ preferences on valorisation routes of manure, straw and wine waste!  

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NoAW poster received a prize!

2020. January 27. 12:01

Poster referring to the results of the NOAW project (result in WP2) received the 3rd prize at the International Urban Planning Salon held in Nis (Serbia). Click here for the poster! Congratulations to IAUS Team!

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NoAW meeting at Fraunhofer

2020. January 23. 09:01

Thank you for the team at Fraunhofer for the organisation of NoAW meeting in Freising on 22/01/2019!

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New research summary on anaerobic digestion technologies

2020. January 20. 12:01

Learn more how NoAW project imporves both conventional anaerobic digestion process and advanced anaerobic digestion technologies. A new research summary has appeared about the WP3 activtites! Click here to read it!

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New animated video on untapped potentials of agro-wastes

2020. January 17. 08:01

Watch our animated video how the NoAW project reshape the meaning and the use of agricultural crop aligned with the principals of circular economy. Our work will contribute for more effective valorisation of agro-wastes and  will inspire the future generation.

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Read our new deliverable summary on Potato Starch Processing Waste

2020. January 14. 08:01

IAPPST explains the results on  the use of  to use two different traditional methods (isoelectric precipi-tation (IEP) and ammonium sulfate precipitation (ASP)) to recover proteins from potato starch processing waste. The results suggest that potato pectin may be useful as a potential emulsifier in emulsified food products. The solid residues obtained will be valorized as […]

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New NoAW scientific publication!

2020. January 08. 14:01

We are proud to announce that new scientific publication just appeared about “How Vine Shoots as Fillers Impact the Biodegradation of PHBV-Based Composites“. Congratulations to the team at University of Montpellier! Click here to read the article!

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Season’s Greetings!

2019. December 19. 15:12

Happy and relaxing holiday season and a fruitful and sustainable New Year! How to make the Christmas holiday more sustainable? Buy less presents, a small personal present is more unique! Choose a live tree, potted tree preferably from sustainable production! Think green when you set up your holiday lighting (choose leds, mini light, switch of out door lighting during the […]

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Deliverable Summary Alert!!!

2019. December 12. 15:12

Would you like to get more information abut the work carried out in Work package 4? Read about biotechnological strategies developed in NoAW to convert biomolecules from fruit and vegetable waste! Click here for more information!

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World Soil Day!

2019. December 05. 14:12

5th of December is World soil day! NoAW ‘s achievements contribute to the better soil management! The intelligent use of digestate was defined in Work Package 3 since the a near-infra-red system allowed for the proper management of nutrients streams on fields.

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Photos of GCIA at Ecomondo 2019!

2019. November 26. 18:11

During Ecomondo Fair, from the 5th to the 8th  of November 2019, Confagricoltura (GCIA) had a stand and managed 2 Conferences and 1 workshop and 1 press release and 1 Mondo Agricolo pages 28 – 29. It was a great opportunity to explain the Noaw results.

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Check out our new NoAw leaflets!

2019. November 20. 16:11

The new NoAW leaflets that explain the main results achieved are available in different languages in the useful downloads folder!    

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NoAW at Fribourg, Switzerland

2019. November 12. 16:11

Workshop BIOVAL will be organized in Fribourg on 10th of  December. This is a multi-disciplinary workshop aiming at valorising different kinds of biomass into bioplastics, with academic, clusters and industrial actors. SOFIES will moderate this workshop and will evoke the NoAW project in the frame of the introduction and benchmark. More info: Flyer bioval DE (in […]

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NoAW at ECOMONDO 2019!

2019. October 29. 11:10

The ECOMONDO Fair 2019 in Rimini (05-08 / 11 /2019) is approaching! Would you like to find out more about NoAW? Look for Confagricoltura stand at Pavilion 3 stand 030!

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Save the date for icRS 2020, in Dublin, Ireland

2019. October 25. 11:10

The 2020 International Conference on Resource Sustainability (icRS 2020) will be held on June 30-July 2, 2020 in Dublin, Ireland. icRS 2020 will be hosted by University College Dublin, led by Prof. Pezhman Ghadimi. Please visit the icRS website at http://www.icrsconf.com or the icRS 2020 direct link at http://icrs2020dublin.ucd.ie for more information. The deadline of […]

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8th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management-Do not forget!

2019. October 24. 14:10

THESSALONIKI 2020 8th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management (17th to 20th June 2020) The website of the event already is available! Visit:  http://thessaloniki2020.uest.gr. Six (6) keynote speakers and five (5) collaborating journals have already been announced. It is a great opportunity to catch up with new solutions about waste mengment and to meet peers. Do not forget […]

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NoAW Stakeholder Event in Verona

2019. October 17. 10:10

Such an interesting day at the Stakeholders’ Event of the NoAW project! Thanks for the fruitful discussions and presentations and the exciting plant visit!   

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3rd Annual Meeting of NoAW

2019. October 08. 15:10

The NoAW Consortium met for the 3rd Annual Meeting in Verona, Italy. From 2-4 October   2019, the work packages presented the work performed during the 3rd year. Several bi-lateral meetings with work packages provided a great forum for the project partners to discuss the results and the next steps for the last year of the NoAW project.  

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New NoAw publication!

2019. September 25. 10:09

New NoAW publication is available about “Comparison of Dry Versus Wet Milling to Improve Bioethanol or Methane Recovery from Solid Anaerobic Digestate“. Congratulations to Florian Monlau , Cecilia Sambusiti  and Abdellatif Barakat!

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NoAW Stakeholder Event and 3rd Annual Meeting are coming!

2019. September 20. 13:09

We are 1 week apart from the NoAW Stakeholders’ Event and the 3rd Annual Meeting in Verona! Innovative solutions, great discussions and more!

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NoAW on EIT Climate-KIC Journey event in Budapest

2019. September 10. 07:09

NoAW was presented by Campden BRI Hungary at the EIT Climate-KIC Journey event in Budapest, 28th of August, 2019. EIT Climate-KIC Journey is the world’s largest climate innovation summer school which is hosted in European cities for university students interested in climate change. The Journey offers a unique combination of academic study & real-world experience. In […]

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NEW NoAW Project Video!

2019. August 07. 14:08

Watch our new NoAW project video!     Learn more about the project on our stakeholder event in Verona, 1st of October!      

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Engage with the future- new packagings

2019. August 02. 15:08

The 13th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium- Engage with the Future  was organized in Edinburgh between 28th of July and 01st of August. Specific workshop session was dedicated for Sensing Future Packaging, which introduced how sustainable packagings are seen by consumers and highlighted the importance of sensory and consumer testing of these new products. Sensory testing is […]

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7th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management has started!

2019. June 26. 12:06

Are you participating on the 7th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Iraklion this week? Look for NoAW partners and  do not miss their presentations: Current trends and future potential of biowaste and biomass – Keynote speech Plastic waste: between threat, addiction and miracle solutions, a range of complementary knowledge-based actions are emerging […]

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NoAW at BIOPOL Congress in Stockholm!

2019. June 19. 07:06

7th International Conference on Biobased and Biodegradable Polymers (BIOPOL-2019) is organized in Stockholm (Sweden) on 17-19th June 2019. Annamaria Celli (UNIBO) presented  her work carried out in NoAW project about the investigation the possible exploitation of vanillic acid as a building block for the production of new series of copolymers with tunable properties according to their chemical […]

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Check out new video about activities at DTU within NoAW project!

2019. June 18. 12:06

Watch the video  and listen to Giovanna Croxatto Vega,  PhD student at DTU, how  she carries out her  research about optimizing solutions for the bioeconomy under the NoAW project.

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NoAW on Campden BRI Day

2019. June 14. 11:06

We attended to the Campden BRI Open Day in Chipping Campden! Campden BRI Day 2019 celebrated the 100th anniversary of  Campden BRI in the lovely town of Chipping Campden, UK, on 12th of June. Campden BRI provides the food and drink industry with the practical scientific, technical and advisory services needed to ensure product safety […]

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New NoAW video is available!

2019. June 07. 13:06

A glimpse into the work going on at DTU under the NoAW project – utilizing quantitative sustainability assessment to ensure the environmental performance of emerging bio-product technologies. A great video about their work!

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Meet NoAW partners at Conference of the Italian Botanical Society

2019. May 20. 10:05

UNIBO and RISE will  present the preliminary results about white pomace extraction. Their presentation is  titleted as “Comparison of extraction protocols for the recovery of bioactive molecules from white grape pomace“. Meet NoAW projet partners in Naples on 12 to 14th June 2019!    

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NoAW at EuroFiller 2019

2019. April 25. 15:04

Eurofillers Polymerblends 2019  in Palermo, Italy (April 23-26, 2019). The Conference aims to bring together researchers from academia, research organizations and industry in the very important area of filled systems and polymer blends. In the frame of the European project NoAW, new biocomposites were designed from agro-wastes, i.e. a bacterial polyester (PHBV) as matrix and […]

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Deadline extended for Papers in special issue on “Sustainable Cycles and Management of Plastics”

2019. April 23. 15:04

Are you dealing with circular economy, waste management with special attention to plastic? Do not miss this opportunity! The deadline of submission for Papers of Special Issue on “Sustainable Cycles and Management of Plastics” is extended until 15th of May! Check the details here.     The main objective of this Virtual Special Issue (VSI) of Resources, Conservation, and […]

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Happy Plastic Free Easter!

2019. April 18. 07:04

Easter is coming soon but all of us should enjoy the holidays, the taste of chocolates and indulging foods plastic free! Read some tips below: Use natural ingredients for decoration! Forget about plastic grass and plastic eggs! Choose straw, wooden or paper decoration. Paint the eggs with natural ingredients! Use nut shell or red onion! Avoid buying […]

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Save the date for NoAW stakeholder event!

2019. April 12. 15:04

The annual  NoAW stakeholder event will be held in Verona on 1st of October! Take part in inspiring discussion with NoAW project partners and visit the nearby pilot plant!

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Interview about plastic pollution

2019. March 19. 17:03

In the environmental magazine “Public Sénat” Plastic pollution was in the focus. Nathalie Gontard was invited to the show, where she explained the danger of the excessive plastic use. For watching the interview in French click here.

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2019. March 07. 11:03

#műanyagböjt or #plastincfasting campaign in Hungary to raise the awareness of #consumers on plastic pollution! #Follow Humusz Association on Facebook & Instagram. All images belong to Humusz Assiciation. Here you can follow the warnings published by the Humusz Association. 1. Warning: burning plastic might seem a good idea, but it is actually really harmful for the environment and for your health. Try to #reduce it first! […]

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NUTRIMEN project in nutshell

2019. February 18. 17:02

NUTRIMAN project focuses on connecting market competitive and commercially “ready for practice” innovative results drawn from high research maturity applied scientific programmes and common industrial practices. (Founded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 818470) The objective of NUTRIMAN is to improve the exploitation of these commercially and market ready-for-practice cases of N/P nutrient management/recovery […]

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2019 Circularity Gap Report is published on European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

2019. February 05. 16:02

If you are interested in the findings of The Circularity Gap Report 2019 visit the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform by clicking here!

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Annual Circular Economy Conference 2019 – REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

2019. January 24. 11:01

The European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee will host the 2019 European Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference on March 6 and 7 in Brussels. The registration is open, more details here!

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HERAKLION Conference 2019 – Extended date for abstract submission!

2019. January 22. 11:01

The abstract submission date has been extended util 15th of February! For details click here!

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How could cooperatives support farmers converting to organic ? – by Jerome Caillé

2019. January 14. 12:01

Following last year’s Edition on climate risks, the Cogeca Presidency Business Forum, organised in Brussels on November 28th, focused on the dynamics of the organic market and on the way agri-food cooperatives deliver increased production capacity, now and in the future, to meet the ever growing demand. Jérome Caillé, poultry organic farmer involved in Terrena’s […]

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Watch our video about the NoAW / AgroCycle event in China!

2019. January 09. 15:01 Continue reading

New NoAW publication!

2019. January 07. 11:01

New NoAW article was published in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules! Joana Fradinho and her group (IBET, Portugal) summarized their achievements in improving polyhydroxyalkanoates production in phototrophic mixed cultures by optimizing accumulator reactor operating conditions. Click here for the details of the publication!

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Meet CIIRC, NoAW KESP Member from India!

2018. December 19. 11:12

The Centre for Incubation, Innovation, Research and Consultancy  (CIIRC) is a multi-disciplinary research unit that primarily focuses on developing products and technologies for societal needs. The Biopolymers and Biocomposites laboratory at the center contributes towards a biobased economy where exploitation of natural resources is minimized and the “No Agricultural Waste” concept is practiced. Research in […]

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Get acquainted with NoAW young researchers in Taiwan!

2018. November 30. 09:11 Continue reading

NoAW young researchers’ group in Beijing

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Message from NoAW KESP Member WIN TIME

2018. November 14. 12:11

WIN TIME TECHNOLOGY CORP. has been spending nearly 20 years on implementing an innovative fire extinguisher, with filled agents come from plants, more than 30 species through processes, which proved to be effective and good welfare to environment, ecology system and human being. They had a demonstration of their products on the 2nd Annual Meeting in Taiwan. Click here to […]

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NoAW in Biogas Informa

2018. November 12. 12:11

Innoven,  University  La Sapienza of Rome and University  of Verona introduce advances of NoAW project in Biogas Informa. The article introduce the experimental pilot plant operating in Verona in collaboration with University La Sapienza of Rome. This issue of Biogas Informa was distributed during Ecomondo fair and reached a large number of stakeholders. Please click here and read the NoAW […]

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Snapshots from the 2nd annual meeting

2018. November 09. 14:11

2nd annual meeting was held in Taiwan at ITRI’s facilities. Beside the fruitful discussions, it gave an opportunity to meet with our Taiwanese stakeholders and  get acquainted with their products and activities.

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Participants of the stakeholder conference in Beijing

2018. October 31. 15:10

The joint NoAW – Agrocycle stakeholder conference (22-23 of October, 2018) was a real success. Wide range of topics were explored related to the agro waste in Europe and China. The stakeholders who attended the event were really impressed and very enthusiastic.  

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NoAW partners at Far Eastern New Century Corporation

2018. October 25. 15:10

NoAW partners visited Far Eastern New Century Corporation (FENC) in Taoyuan, Taiwan, who is one of the five KESP member of the Asian mirror platform. Dr Fanny Liao explained their main activities and explained the challenges and advances in producing new, biobased materials, such as fibers and packaging materials. The company tour provided very interesting […]

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2018. October 10. 13:10

From 10 until 12 October COPA-COGECA is hosting the Congress of European Farmers in Linz, Austria. A workshop focusing on solutions for the future of farming will be held in preparation for the Congress’ main plenary session on October 11th. The Congress aims to look at how the challenges affecting the EU and, in particular, the agricultural sector […]

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New Opportunities: EU 2021-2027 R&I Programmes

2018. October 09. 16:10

On the NFTPs Meeting (Brussels 3 October 2018) the new opportunities for R&I programs were presented. For more details click here

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NoAW at Chempor

2018. October 08. 14:10

13ª International Chemical and Biological Engineering Conference was organized in Averio, Portugal 2018, 2 – 4 of October. Joana Fradinho presented the results about polyhydroxyalcanoates production from agricultural waste and domestic waste water with phototrophic purple bacteria.

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Journalism Investigation about plastic issues on French National TV

2018. October 02. 10:10

A journalism investigation – Cash investigation – Plastique : la grande intox (Intégrale) – explored plastic issues and presented the outcomes from different aspects on the French National TV in this September.   Click here to watch the program. Prof. Nathalie Gontard, the coordinator of the NoAW project, also expressed her expert view about this topic. […]

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BIOGAS #UPGRADE intenzive course organized by IBBK

2018. October 01. 15:10

This 2-day training organized by IBBK  provides you with in-depth knowledge and skills on the current status of the areas of hazardous substances and approval law in combination with occupational health and safety. This course will be held  on 26-27th of November, in German, for more details click here.

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New networking opportunity for young researchers!

2018. September 07. 14:09

1st Young EFFoST network meeting – The EYES for your future career in Food Science and Technology – will be held in on 5th of November, in Nantes (France). Find out more about the event!

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NoAW on the 4th International Conference of Bio-based Polymers and Composite

2018. September 05. 16:09

The 4th International Conference of Bio-based Polymers and Composite ( BiPoCo) is running in Balatonfüred, Hungary ! Grégoire DAVID explained the achievements of NoAW project in  gas-phase esterification of lignocellulosic particles for biocomposite applications. Congratulations!

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International conference on manure and digestate treatment

2018. August 28. 06:08

The 2-day conference (16-18 October 2018) organized by IBBK will address the latest international scientific state and successful examples of implementation. The main topics include the current state of art, advances in bioeconomy and sustainability, as well as prospects for promising innovations and new research approaches. For more information click here

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China & EU joint Memorandum of Understanding on Circular Economy Cooperation

2018. August 27. 16:08

China and the EU have signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding on Circular Economy Cooperation at the 20th EU-China Summit taking place in the Chinese capital on 16th-17th July. For more interesting details click here

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Intensive biogas training in Stuttgart, 11-19 September 2018

2018. August 15. 13:08

7-day In-depth biogas Course, organized by NoAW partner IBBK in cooperation with the State Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Bioenergy University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany “proBIOGAS International – Biogas engineering and operating training with plant visits” More details here

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Farmer-Expo International Agricultural and Food Exhibition in Hungary

2018. August 14. 08:08

Farmer-Expo International Agricultural and Food Exhibition will take place at the Agricultural Centre of the University of Debrecen. It will be its 27th edition, making it one of the oldest and most prestigeous agricultural exhibitions in Hungary from 17th-20th August 2018. More details here.

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60 anniversary of the Young Entrepreneurs in Italy

2018. August 06. 09:08

60 anniversary of the Italian Young Entrepreneurs was held in June. For Italian press release pleas click here For Youngst idea to verify the company compliance with the UN Sustainable Develpoment Goals click here

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Plastic-free glass campaign

2018. August 01. 08:08

HEINEKEN Hungária launched its plastic-free movement in May this year.If you would like to find out more about the preference of Hungarian consumers, please click here.

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2018. July 20. 09:07

Such a nice and interesting Infographics! Click here and Enjoy!    

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Future of the common agricultural policy

2018. July 20. 09:07

The European Commission proposes to modernise and simplify the common agricultural policy, giving greater flexibility and responsibility to European Union countries implementing the policy on the ground.   For more: https://ec.europa.eu/info/food-farming-fisheries/key-policies/common-agricultural-policy/future-cap_en  

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Single -use plastics: New rules in Europe

2018. July 18. 10:07

New EU wide rules that targets the 10 single-use plastic products  most often found on Europe’s beaches and seas. For more information click  here!

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NoAW at EcoSTP 2018 in Canada

2018. June 29. 08:06

The 4th Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment was held in London, Ontario, Canada (June 25 to 27, 2018). Joana Fradinho presented a poster from IBET about the potentials of valorisation of agricultural waste and wastewater.

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China targets farm waste as a ‘clean’ power source

2018. June 21. 16:06

Read the following link to find out more about how Chinese farmers are encouraged to turn animal manure into fertilizer and power.

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Exchange programme for young farmers from the EU and China

2018. June 18. 09:06

An EU-China project on capacity building for young professional farmers and agricultural professionals on sustainable farming was launched  in  April 2017. In this spring a group of 12 young farmers from China came to Europe and had a chance to learn more about European agriculture. Click here for more details.

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2018. June 08. 14:06

Watch the video illustrating NoAW WP2 meeting which was held in Belgrade between  30th of May -June 1st, 2018! Click here  here  for the video!  

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NoAW was presented at Campden BRI Open Day!

2018. June 07. 08:06

Campden BRI Open Day was held in 6th June 2018 in Chipping Campden, UK. More than 500 participant were at the event where NoAW was presented by Campden BRI Hungary. Poster, leaflet and short presentation were showed at our stand!

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NoAW pilot plant in Italy

2018. June 06. 15:06

Come and visit the pilot plant realised by Innoven and La Sapienza, which is operating at La Torre farm, Isola della Scala, Verona. This achievement was intorduced in the news on the local TV in Verona.    

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NoAW WP2 meeting in Belgrade

2018. May 31. 14:05

  NoAW WP2 is having a meeting in Belgrade between 30th May-1st June in order  to coordinate of all the recent research among WP2 partners and discuss the future steps within the work package. Dinner after a hard work day…  

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DTU at SETAC Conference presented NoAW

2018. May 30. 14:05

SETAC Rome (13-17 May 2018) was a 5-day event featuring a variety of training, networking and learning opportunities  about emerging research, regulatory developments and the latest methodologies in environmental toxicology and chemistry Giovanna Croxatto Vega from DTU presented an innovative method to optimize territorial organic waste resources. For more information click here

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NoAW was presented at the I-CON Regional Exchange Workshop

2018. May 02. 10:05

Date: 19 April 2018 Place: Szekszárd, Hungary The South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency and the Campden BRI Hungary organized a workshop titled Food Quality, Safety, Packaging and Production Technology at Szekszárd, Hungary, The event was a great opportunity to present the concept of NoAW to the stakeholders who mainly represented  the food industry and policy […]

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Big Data serving the circular economy

2018. April 18. 13:04

Interesting article by #LivingCircular. https://www.livingcircular.veolia.com/en/eco-citizen/big-data-serving-circular-economy#.WtdK8prrmck.twitter  

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Circular economy: definition, importance and benefits

2018. April 11. 07:04

Interesting article on Circular Economy.

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IBET at Eco-BIO 2018 in Dublin!

2018. March 06. 16:03

NoAW results about the potential of utilization of photosynthetic mixed culture systems for polyhydroxyalkanoates production from agricultural wastes and wastewater were explained in the poster session.

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EU ambassadors approve new rules on waste management and recycling

2018. March 02. 11:03

“Today, EU ambassadors endorsed the provisional agreement on the four legislative proposals of the waste package reached with the European Parliament on 18 December 2017. The waste package will lead to more recycling of waste and contribute to the creation of a circular economy. It will improve the way waste is managed as well as encourage the […]

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NoAW at Igls forum in February 2018

2018. February 21. 15:02

Igls, Austria 07.02.2018. On 7th of February 2018 CBHU participated on the 12th International European Forum (Igls-Forum) on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks. This forum featured presentations and discussions, which fostered exchange of knowledge, creativity, and the development of new ideas for innovative and interdisciplinary research. Dr. András Sebők presented methods for enhancing […]

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David Bolzonella, Innoven, is defending biodegradable plastic

2018. February 12. 10:02

David Bolzonella, Innoven, is defending biodegradable plastic, one major outcome of NoAW’s project. The interview was given in the program FOCUS, on Telenuovo Verona. For watching the interview in Italian, please click here

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NoAW meets Bavarian Stakeholders

2018. February 07. 09:02

Michael Böhm from ECOZEPT participated on the 2nd Bavarian Symposium on the Use of Harvest Residues in Biogas Plants on January 24, 2018 in Dingolfing, which provided a great opportunity to meet new stakeholders. More information about the event is available here.

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Introduction of NoAW to Hungarian stakeholders

2018. January 23. 08:01

On 17th of January 2018 CBHU participated on an event organized by AGRIFORVALOR project which aimed the overview the legislation related to biomass valorisation. For more information on the event click here.

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Interview with David Bolzonella

2018. January 09. 17:01

Recently David Bolzonella from University of Verona / InnovEN  gave an interview to Telepace Verona about possible emerging plastic alternatives. You can find the interview by clicking here (in Italian)  

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We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2017. December 19. 09:12 Continue reading

NoAW project was presented at the Open Day of Campden BRI!

2017. December 13. 09:12

On 12th of December 2017 a successful open day was organized in Budapest, where the NoAW project was introduced. For a short summary on the event, please click here.  

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First NoAW project video is ready!

2017. November 09. 15:11

Check out the video on our YouTube channel.

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We attended to the Agri – Food Waste Day Conference!

2017. November 03. 11:11

On 17th of October 2017 a successful conference was organized in Brussels: the Agri-Food waste Day. The conference brought together two Horizon2020 projects, the NoAW and AgroCycle projects, and their stakeholders. The event was a great opportunity to create personal links and joint consultation with the KESP members of the two twin projects and provided […]

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2017. October 20. 08:10

Meet NoAW project partners on NAT EXPO ! More information on the event: NATEXPO booklet  

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NoAW poster on event “Hof-Biogasanlagen im ökologischen Anbau”

2017. October 20. 08:10

The NoAW project was presented on the of-Biogasanlagen im ökologischen Anbau event organized by C.A.R.M.E.N. on the role of biogas facilities in organic farming. The event took place on 25th October 2017 in Plankstetten, Germany. The leaflet of the event includs the detailed program: Hof-Biogasanlagen im ökologischen Anbau

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NoAW poster on European Advanced Materials Congress (EAMC)

2017. October 13. 09:10

NoAW results was presented on European Advanced Materials Congress (EAMC), Stockholm, 22 – 24 August 2017. The poster on results of  the development of new biocomposite materials from solely agrowaste can be found here.

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Interview with Nathalie GONTARD on the NoAW project

2017. October 13. 08:10

The Coodinator of NoAW project, Nathalie GONTARD just had an interview with Bioeconomy Innovation. The entire article is available here.

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Web streamed conference on #FutureofCAP

2017. July 04. 13:07

Have your say! Friday 7 July 2017 – see final agenda, links & info http://europa.eu/!kQ68dV 

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Interview with Maria Reis

2017. June 21. 08:06

Recently Maria Reis from Instituto De Biologia Experimental E Tecnologia (IBET) gave an interview to a renowned Portuguese journal called “Expresso” describing work with bioplastics production. You can find the interview by clicking here.

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