Exchange programme for young farmers from the EU and China

2018. June 18. 09:06

An EU-China project on capacity building for young professional farmers and agricultural professionals on sustainable farming was launched  in  April 2017. In this spring a group of 12 young farmers from China came to Europe and had a chance to learn more about European agriculture. Click here for more details.

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2018. June 08. 14:06

Watch the video illustrating NoAW WP2 meeting which was held in Belgrade between  30th of May -June 1st, 2018! Click here  here  for the video!  

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NoAW was presented at Campden BRI Open Day!

2018. June 07. 08:06

Campden BRI Open Day was held in 6th June 2018 in Chipping Campden, UK. More than 500 participant were at the event where NoAW was presented by Campden BRI Hungary. Poster, leaflet and short presentation was showed at our stand!

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NoAW pilot plant in Italy

2018. June 06. 15:06

Come and visit the pilot plant realised by Innoven and La Sapienza, which is operating at La Torre farm, Isola della Scala, Verona. This achievement was intorduced in the news on the local TV in Verona.    

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NoAW WP2 meeting in Belgrade

2018. May 31. 14:05

  NoAW WP2 is having a meeting in Belgrade between 30th May-1st June in order  to coordinate of all the recent research among WP2 partners and discuss the future steps within the work package. Dinner after a hard work day…  

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