D2.1 Attributes and boundaries of NoAW agro-wastes systems

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D4.2 Innovative strategies to valorise 2 steps AD digestate towards biofuels and biochar

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D3.4 Pre- and post-treatment of lignocellulosic material

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D3.3 Polyhydroxy-alkanoates production

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D3.2 Biogas upgrade into biomethane and biohythane at pilot scale

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D5.2 Methodologies for identification and evaluation of innovation strategies opportunities

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D1.5 Multi-stakeholders perspectives of sustainable agro-waste management

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D3.1 Relevant parameters and optimized tools for evaluation of safe and sound digestate use

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D5.1 Innovative approaches to turn agricultural waste into ecological and economic assets

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D1.3 Computational Social Choice Software

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D1.1 Key indicators and methodologies for assessing the impacts on soil, water, air quality and human safety of agro-waste management

2018. June 01. 12:06

For details on human safety aspects visit “Results & knowledge” menu.

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D1.2 Open online multistakeholders platform

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D7.2 – Detailed dissemination plan for the project

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