Meet CIIRC, NoAW KESP Member from India!

2018. December 19. 11:12

The Centre for Incubation, Innovation, Research and Consultancy  (CIIRC) is a multi-disciplinary research unit that primarily focuses on developing products and technologies for societal needs.

The Biopolymers and Biocomposites laboratory at the center contributes towards a biobased economy where exploitation of natural resources is minimized and the “No Agricultural Waste” concept is practiced. Research in the biopolymers and biocomposites group is directed towards addressing the social and economic issues related to agriculture, food, health and environment and to develop green technologies and biobased solutions for various industrial applications with particular focus on utilizing agricultural waste such as straws, husks, stems for high value bioproducts. Bioproducts developed need simple technology and are highly cost-effective which facilitates easy adoption by industries in rural areas. This laboratory has recently incubated a start-up company “Agringenium Innovations Private Limited” which is developing 100% biodegradable products from agricultural residues. The company has developed boxes, cups, containers and other packaging materials using straws, husks, fibers and stems in their original form without the need for pulping or any chemical modifications using their patent pending technology.  The company anticipates promoting the products in the market on a large scale. More details about the products  If you are interested in thee technical details of the products click here.

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