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Check out new video about activities at DTU within NoAW project!

2019. June 18. 12:06

Watch the video  and listen to Giovanna Croxatto Vega,  PhD student at DTU, how  she carries out her  research about optimizing solutions for the bioeconomy under the NoAW project.

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NoAW on Campden BRI Day

2019. June 14. 11:06

We attended to the Campden BRI Open Day in Chipping Campden! Campden BRI Day 2019 celebrated the 100th anniversary of  Campden BRI in the lovely town of Chipping Campden, UK, on 12th of June. Campden BRI provides the food and drink industry with the practical scientific, technical and advisory services needed to ensure product safety […]

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2nd Young EFFoST Day

2019. June 13. 11:06

All young food professionals are invited for an exciting day packed with inspiring talks, an interactive programme and tasty foods. The Young EFFoST day 2019 will revolve around the theme ‘Performing by Connecting’ and focuses on the interaction between young food professionals working in science, industry and/or start-ups. Find out more!

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New NoAW video is available!

2019. June 07. 13:06

A glimpse into the work going on at DTU under the NoAW project – utilizing quantitative sustainability assessment to ensure the environmental performance of emerging bio-product technologies. A great video about their work!

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Meet NoAW partners at Conference of the Italian Botanical Society

2019. May 20. 10:05

UNIBO and RISE will  present the preliminary results about white pomace extraction. Their presentation is  titleted as “Comparison of extraction protocols for the recovery of bioactive molecules from white grape pomace“. Meet NoAW projet partners in Naples on 12 to 14th June 2019!    

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NoAW at EuroFiller 2019

2019. April 25. 15:04

Eurofillers Polymerblends 2019  in Palermo, Italy (April 23-26, 2019). The Conference aims to bring together researchers from academia, research organizations and industry in the very important area of filled systems and polymer blends. In the frame of the European project NoAW, new biocomposites were designed from agro-wastes, i.e. a bacterial polyester (PHBV) as matrix and […]

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