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New research summary on anaerobic digestion technologies

2020. January 20. 12:01

Learn more how NoAW project imporves both conventional anaerobic digestion process and advanced anaerobic digestion technologies. A new research summary has appeared about the WP3 activtites! Click here to read it!

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New animated video on untapped potentials of agro-wastes

2020. January 17. 08:01

Watch our animated video how the NoAW project reshape the meaning and the use of agricultural crop aligned with the principals of circular economy. Our work will contribute for more effective valorisation of agro-wastes and  will inspire the future generation.

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Read our new deliverable summary on Potato Starch Processing Waste

2020. January 14. 08:01

IAPPST explains the results on  the use of  to use two different traditional methods (isoelectric precipi-tation (IEP) and ammonium sulfate precipitation (ASP)) to recover proteins from potato starch processing waste. The results suggest that potato pectin may be useful as a potential emulsifier in emulsified food products. The solid residues obtained will be valorized as […]

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New NoAW scientific publication!

2020. January 08. 14:01

We are proud to announce that new scientific publication just appeared about “How Vine Shoots as Fillers Impact the Biodegradation of PHBV-Based Composites“. Congratulations to the team at University of Montpellier! Click here to read the article!

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Season’s Greetings!

2019. December 19. 15:12

Happy and relaxing holiday season and a fruitful and sustainable New Year! How to make the Christmas holiday more sustainable? Buy less presents, a small personal present is more unique! Choose a live tree, potted tree preferably from sustainable production! Think green when you set up your holiday lighting (choose leds, mini light, switch of out door lighting during the […]

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Deliverable Summary Alert!!!

2019. December 12. 15:12

Would you like to get more information abut the work carried out in Work package 4? Read about biotechnological strategies developed in NoAW to convert biomolecules from fruit and vegetable waste! Click here for more information!

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