8th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management, 17th to 20th June 2020

2020. June 17.

Event place: Thessaloniki, Görögország

We would like to inform you that the THESSALONIKI 2020 8th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece from 17th to 20th June 2020. The conference website is available at: http://thessaloniki2020.uest.gr.

The deadline for abstract submission is on 31st December 2019 (http://www.thessaloniki2020.uest.gr/index.php/conference/abstract-submission).

The summer school – Executive Training on waste management (3rd PhD Summer School with 3 ETCS credits) will take place on 15th & 16th June 2020.

Six (6) keynote speakers and five (5) collaborating journals have already been announced.

The best THESSALONIKI 2020 papers will be published after evaluation in a Special Issue of BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY (ELSEVIER, Impact Factor: 6.669) (Guest Editors: K. Moustakas, M. Loizidou, M. Kumar-Awasthi, A.S. Nizami, P. Champagne). The title of the SI is: Food Waste: from an environmental problem to a valuable resource and the submission period will be from 1st July until 31st July 2020. Prof. Ashok Pandey, the Editor-in-Chief of BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY will also be keynote speaker of the Conference.

High quality THESSALONIKI 2020 papers will be published after evaluation in a Special Issue of WASTE AND BIOMASS VALORIZATION (SPRINGER, Impact Factor: 2.358) in collaboration with Prof. Ange Nzihou, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal & Prof. Maria Loizidou, Chair of the THESSALONIKI 2020 Scientific Committee & Guest Editor of the Special Issue & in a Special Issue of ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE and POLLUTION RESEARCH with title: Effective waste management with emphasis on circular economy (Springer, Impact Factor: 2.914) (Guest Editors: K. Moustakas, M. Loizidou).

Selected papers will also be published after review in a Special Issue of BIOENGINEERED (Taylor & Francis, 2017 Impact Factor: 1.639) (Guest Editors: K. Moustakas, M. Kumar Awasthi).

The best water related papers will be published in a Special Issue of DESALINATION & WATER TREATMENT (Taylor & Francis, Impact Factor: 1.631).

More journals will be announced in the next weeks.

Special focus will be given to Biogas and Anaerobic Digestion. It is noted that the World Biogas Association represented Mr. David Newman, President, is co-organiser of the THESSALONIKI 2020 Conference. Join our brainstorming sessions chaired by Prof. Spyros Pavlostathis (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta) & Prof. David Bolzonella (University of Verona) on the latest advances in the field of anaerobic digestion by submitting your abstract on AD.

The private sector & business will also have a very active role in the conference and a special session will be devoted to business opportunities and experiences from the leaders in the AD field all over the world with the active contribution of the World Biogas Association.

The extensive Waste-to-Energy Sessions will be chaired by Prof. Marco Castaldi (City University of New York), Chair of the Global Waste to Energy Research and Technology Council (WTERT) & Prof. Nickolas Themelis (Columbia University), ex-Chair of the Global Waste to Energy Research and Technology Council (WTERT).

It is noted that the poster area will be continuously accessible, awards will be provided for the best posters during the closing session, while a wide exhibition area is foreseen for companies/entities dealing with waste & energy. A HORIZON2020, LIFE & INTERREG session will be included in the oral sessions with the presence of high level European Commission & EASME representatives providing networking opportunities.

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