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New Press Release!

2020. December 03. 13:12

New press releases are summarizing the outcomes of the NoAW project! These will be available in 10 different languages! You can find them on in NoAW media tools!

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NoAW training in Hungary!

2020. November 17. 10:11

The NoAW training for farms and businesses on good practice of handling agricultural wastes was held in 13/11/2020! It provided an opportunity to learn about valuable agricultural residues, the sustainable strategies for the valorisation of manure, straw and winery waste and business models.

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Product of NUTRIMAN!

2020. November 09. 14:11

NoAW KESP member, coordinator of Nutriman, introduced the new BIO-NPK-C organic compound fertiliser product. The Nutriman Nutrient Management and Nutrient Recovery Thematic Network achieved high nutrient dense Bio-Phosphate products recovered from food grade animal bone grist.

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NoAW at virtual Ecomondo!

2020. November 04. 14:11

Ecomondo Fair (Virtual Rimini 3rd – 5th of November 2020) Noaw results are presented during the 3rd Italian national workshop by GCIA in Ecomondo Fair (Virtual Rimini 3rd – 5th of November 2020) with the help of the young farmers organization ANGA. 4 novembre 2020 ore 14.00 – 15.30 “Confagricoltura e ANGA: I progetti europei […]

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New NoAW article!

2020. October 26. 18:10

Read the article of ITRI about “Catalysing the circular economy” in IMPACT! Click on this link and go to page 6!

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