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In this sub-section, you can find the NoAW Partner’s services that they can provide to you!

Please contact with INRA for further information on the following services:

IBBK provides training and qualifications for existing and future plant operators

CBHU offers assistance in resource efficiency improvement in the food industry

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Aalborg University runs PhD course on Anaerobic Digestion 

This PhD course gives  insight into the fundamental laws and the technology of anaerobic digestion (AD) as a process for combining waste treatment with renewable energy production and resource recovery. It gives  an overview of the microbiology of the process and its application for large-scale processes for the production of biogas and biochemicals. State of art knowledge collected in NoAW and new approaches were introduced.The last was was held in May 2018 (Click here  for detailed program) but it planned to hold in the next year as well.


Ecozept is providing market research and business consulting in sustainable agro-food value chains, foremost in the market for organic food. For more information please visit: www.ecozept.com


FV (French Vine and Wine Institute) is the French institute of R&D for vine and wine. IFV is a centre of innovation, technology transfer and knowledge dissemination. Another of the IFV’s missions is to manage the cohesion between all the French R&D organization in the vine and wine sectors.

IFV in the NoAW project realized an atlas of vine and wine biomass adapted to Languedoc-Roussillon region. This Atlas identifies the deposits of vitivinicultural biomass (marcs, lees, branches, stumps) in the territory and the facilities available for their material or energy recovery (distilleries, methanization units, composting platforms). It also contains a directory of stakeholders in the recovery of bio-waste in Languedoc-Roussillon. Click here for ATLAS

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