What is the KESP Platform?

Purpose of Knowledge Exchange Stakeholder Platform

  • To provide a forum for knowledge, information exchange and discussion with agro-food businesses, farmers, biogas processors, food companies, scientific community, authorities relating to agro-waste management and valorisation issues in the light of their needs and expectations.
  • To foster an understanding of what is new in agriculture waste management from technical, environmental and business concepts / cross-chain valorisation aspects, including development opportunities and potential applications of innovative bio-processes and bio-products.
  • To provide guidance to NoAW based on the key activities of the members of the KESP, their needs and problems to ensure that the project activities and outcomes are focused on priority areas and the proposed processes and technologies will meet the expectations of the stakeholders.

What are your advantages of being a KESP member?

  • KESP members have exclusive access to password controlled areas of the NoAW website for accessing fact sheets, research summaries, case studies on various topics such as
    • inventories and chain approach for valorisation of different agro – wastes, with special focus on wine biomass, straw and manure,
    • new approaches for anaerobic digestion for low cost biopolymer production,
    • eco-sustainable protocols for the specific extraction and characterisation of bioactive molecules from winery wastes and their valorization in new materials,
    • updates on early design aspects of sustainability evaluation of new processes and products,
    • experiences on the spatial dimensions of eco-innovations, existing initiatives of co-product valorisations world–wide, business-models.
  • The KESP is great way of keeping up with what is happening and networking with peers and with the Chinese mirror platform, by participating on on-line discussions, webinars, events organized by NoAW and having the opportunity for learning from each other.
  • KESP members will receive regular up-dates on workshops, events, conferences on agro-waste issues.
  • As a KESP member you will be constantly informed on NoAW objectives, approaches, methods, research achievements and results that could lead to interesting exploitation or further application opportunities.

How can you become member of the NoAW KESP?

KESP members will receive early access to the project results therefore they are requested to sign the Non-disclosure Agreement, which covers confidentiality and intellectual property issues.

In your application, please let us know:

  • Name of your organisation,
  • Contact details of the responsible people who will proceed with the Non-disclosure Agreement,
  • Contact details of the participant, who will represent the organisation in the KESP.

There are two ways to become a member:


Collaborative workspace

To access the collaborative workspace, please first log in to the NoAW website.


KESP platform

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