Abstract submission for “Progress in Biogas V”

2020. May 07. 11:05

Progress in Biogas V, International Conference with Company Exhibition & Workshops, 10-12 March 2021

The abstract submission closes  on June 30th, 2020

The organizers look forward to receiving your abstract submission on the following subjects:

  • Biological processes under difficult circumstances (high load capacity, high pressure, high nitrogen, etc.)
  • Microbiology of the anaerobic process and process stability
  • Fermentation of biowaste and residues
  • Faecal sludge treatment
  • Hygienic aspects of the biogas process
  • Substrate pretreatment – use of difficult substrates
  • The role of biogas in the bio-economy
  • System integration of biogas – On-demand biogas production (fuel -bio CNG and LNG-, power to gas)
  • Economic concepts for the future without feed-in tariffs (off-grid solutions, direct marketing)
  • Contribution to climate protection through biogas production (sector coupling or connecting, CO2 utilization, manure digestion)


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