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2018. October 10. 13:10

From 10 until 12 October COPA-COGECA is hosting the Congress of European Farmers in Linz, Austria. A workshop focusing on solutions for the future of farming will be held in preparation for the Congress’ main plenary session on October 11th. The Congress aims to look at how the challenges affecting the EU and, in particular, the agricultural sector […]

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New Opportunities: EU 2021-2027 R&I Programmes

2018. October 09. 16:10

On the NFTPs Meeting (Brussels 3 October 2018) the new opportunities for R&I programs were presented. For more details click here

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Digital Transformation of Public Administration in Europe

2018. October 09. 12:10

By bringing together public and private organizations, this seminar aims at discussing current digital challenges of the public administration, with a focus on those areas of interest where to concentrate efforts and resources in order to improve PA capacity building and better address services to citizens.  The seminar will thus offer an informed discussion on […]

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NoAW at Chempor

2018. October 08. 14:10

13ª International Chemical and Biological Engineering Conference was organized in Averio, Portugal 2018, 2 – 4 of October. Joana Fradinho presented the results about polyhydroxyalcanoates production from agricultural waste and domestic waste water with phototrophic purple bacteria.

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Journalism Investigation about plastic issues on French National TV

2018. October 02. 10:10

A journalism investigation – Cash investigation – Plastique : la grande intox (Intégrale) – explored plastic issues and presented the outcomes from different aspects on the French National TV in this September.   Click here to watch the program. Prof. Nathalie Gontard, the coordinator of the NoAW project, also expressed her expert view about this topic. […]

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BIOGAS #UPGRADE intenzive course organized by IBBK

2018. October 01. 15:10

This 2-day training organized by IBBK  provides you with in-depth knowledge and skills on the current status of the areas of hazardous substances and approval law in combination with occupational health and safety. This course will be held  on 26-27th of November, in German, for more details click here.

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