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New publication on NoAW biorefinery platform!

2020. April 02. 11:04

New #NoAW2020 publication is available! Read the latest paper of Innoven on the results of our biorefinery platform in Isola della Scala from agro-waste, titled as “A Multiproduct Biorefinery Approach for the Production of Hydrogen, Methane and Volatile Fatty Acids from Agricultural Waste“. Congratulation to the Innoven team!  

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A world without trash!

2020. March 27. 15:03

Read in National Geography magazine how the circular economy could save the world.

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Fight against plastic wastes

2020. March 17. 08:03

Read how Genecis Bioindustries fights against climate change and plastic wastes. Click here to read the article.

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Publication alert!

2020. March 11. 14:03

New NoAW publication is available in Journal of Advanced Research! If you you are interested in winery by products read the article titled as “From winery waste to bioactive compounds and new polymeric biocomposites: A contribution to the circular economy concept”. Congratulations to the team at UNIBO and RISE!

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Public consultation of the NoAW Best Practice Guideline

2020. March 05. 17:03

Public consultation of the NoAW Best Practice Guideline for farms and businesses on agricultural waste management  The No-Agricultural Waste (NoAW, https://noaw2020.eu/) Horizon 2020 project aims at finding new solutions for up-cycling unavoidable and continuously generated by-products from agriculture. The best practice guideline was prepared by the No-Agricultural Waste (NoAW) for farms and businesses on agricultural […]

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CAP and bioenergy

2020. March 02. 14:03

Read the following link to get a good overview about the Common Agricultural Policy and Bioenergy.    

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